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Deconstruct Your Ideas about Food

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Deconstructed Meals

Deconstruct Your Past Angst About Ordering Food

We really think the ability to deconstruct your meals will hit home!

For the vegans who ate their last “meal” comprised of 3 side dishes…

For the guy who hates to be annoying, but needs to know if his food is free of gluten…

For those enduring a ketogenic journey…

For the student who just really hates tomatoes….

For all of you!

Deconstructed Meals

ok, we admit it’s ~trendy~

But, from deconstructed high-end fashion to deconstructed social norms to deconstructed hipster buildings, it’s the next global move. Here at College Chefs, we recognize deconstructing our idea of a meal is the key to always getting exactly what you want, all the time. A dream come true.

Deep down, we’re all creators -even if we can’t draw a stick figure. Our deconstructed concept allows the eater complete control, creating an individually crafted plate, completely unique from the rest.

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The options for deconstructed meals are endless

Mouthwatering meals including everything you love and nothing you don't.

Our chefs have been playing with the deconstructed concept, creating various styles of food to deconstruct and serve. This allows creative thinking from our culinary artists and simplicity in eating for the individuals consuming our meals.

Have a food style you want us to deconstruct? DM us your ideas! Our socials are always updated with the coolest food, most recent news, and all the food porn you can imagine.