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Danielle Gadus

This Food Trend is Inspired by Celeb Plastic Surgeons

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First it was your favorite 90’s star seeming to defy gravity, barely aging over the past thirty years. Then, it was Kylie Jenner’s famous (or is it infamous?) lips. Now it’s… your dinner? Your dessert? If you’ve ventured into the world of trendy, highly-instagrammable restaurants, pop-ups, or food trucks you may have encountered this food trend. It resembles something you would probably expect to see in your doctor’s office, not on your plate: injectables.

You have to admit, it does look pretty cool!

In the latest culinary experiments, sauce-filled syringes are being used to inject flavor shots into everything from donuts to cocktails. In the decade of iPhone photography, chefs across the country are creating inherently shareable experiences for their patrons. The action of injecting your own flavors into a gourmet dessert is certainly a memorable experience. But is it creepy or cool?

These one-of-a-kind experiences that have us reaching for our phone cameras have us asking, "what’s next?"

gooey cupcake food trend
donut food trend
ice cream food trend

While Injectables are certainly captivating to look at, it begs the question, is this just a cute, kitchy, short term fad... or an idea that we could see for years to come?? Either way, enjoy it while it lasts!

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