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Game Day Baby

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Alabama Chefs on Game Day!

We’re known for our service guarantee. Every meal, rain or shine, snow or sleet, we’re committed to providing killer service. But you know that. At College Chefs, we’re a fan of doing good without the need for acknowledgement. But in the holiday spirit, we want to take a special blog to thank the chefs for their above and beyond service they provide - especially - Game Day!

When you think of the college experience, several things may come to mind. If you think long enough, it’s almost a guarantee that football comes to mind. For many, it’s not just about the game, it’s about the sense of camaraderie that occurs when rooting for the same team. During football season, College Chefs hosts tons of Game Day Events, even if the game day is on a day regularly scheduled as “off-service.”

Game Day By the Numbers

These events are massive. The average number of attendees for the Game Day Events range from 200 to over 400. The most prominent Game Day events have occurred at the following chapters:

Sigma Kappa - Alabama with approx. 300 attendees

Delta Gamma - Alabama with approx. 425 attendees

Sigma Nu - Florida with approx. 300 attendees

Kappa Alpha Order - Florida with approx. 200 attendees

People are Talking

"Game day events are such a special part of what we as a company provide for our chapters.  Providing extra food and fun before football games allows for great bonding between chapter members, a huge boost of school spirit, and an opportunity for our chefs to pull out all the stops and really show what they can do." - Chris Kenney, Regional Director

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

In the holiday spirit, we want to thank each and every person who is involved with making these Game Day's as successful as they are. The overtime work put in by chefs and the rest of the team help create an amazing opportunity to bond with other students... whether they're there in support of their team or just to eat some awesome food!

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Sigma Nu - Florida - Tailgate on 11/30
football, greek life, greek house, chefs
Theta Chi - Alabama - Red Beans and Rice with Sausage, plus Gator Nuggets ; Donut Bread Pudding, and Fruit Displays for LSU game
tailgate, greek life, college, football
Sigma Nu - Florida Tailgate on 11/30
Chef Tom carving Ice at Delta Gamma - Alabama for a game day event

Make sure your Chapter is taking advantage of Game Days and all other special events/philanthropies where College Chefs can assist!