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What Does it Really Mean to be a College Chefs Chef?

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Being a College Chefs chef is all about balance.

The standard culinary world is one of high energy, strong passions, long hours, and many sacrifices. The struggle of a chef is not only romanticized, but has become an expected element of the job. The dramas of Bradley Cooper a la Burnt (a 2015 comedy, drama definitely worth a watch) immediately comes to mind. As does the all too familiar phrase, “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!” But what about those individuals who aren’t interested blazing heat? A warm temperature actually sounds a little more cozy and definitely much less chaotic. What about those who want to make it to their kid’s evening soccer game rather than prepping for the late night rush? Or simply spend a Sunday at home?

These are exactly the kinds of chefs we’re looking for at College Chefs. In our world, your job should NOT be your absolute, number one priority. Sacrifices should never include not showing up for your children. We look for a balance and create an opportunity for creative chefs to get out of the “meat grinder” of the industry and enjoy a life outside of work. We only hire low egos and friendly people. We’re dealing with people in our field, not only food on a plate.

We sat down with Veronica Sanchez, our Operations and Employee Success coordinator, to chat about what exactly it means to be a College Chefs chef:

Hear from the College Chefs themselves!

What makes a College Chefs Chef unique?

They put good, quality food above all else and they truly care about the chapter members, which makes for a recipe for success.

What does a typical interview with College Chefs look like?

We talk about food a lot because ultimately that’s the product we’re producing. We need to know that they have the chops to get the job done. We gauge attitude and cultural fit. If a chef is passionate about food and genuinely making people happy it shows in the organic flow of the conversation. We’re honest and we expect the same.

How does company culture influence hiring process?

We have a cool, laid back culture and that’s how we set the tone in the interview. We don’t want to be a strict, micro-managing, corporate company. We want the interview to be natural and organic.

Below is a direct copy and paste from a Glassdoor review from a College Chefs chef from East Lansing, Michigan 😎Follow the link below to read more reviews from employees.

Pros: I have 34 years in the industry and I have worked the 80 - 120 work weeks ..not any more , I am working 40 - 45 hours a week , paid time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas , I am able to use all my experience to bring creativity to the table , my boss is awesome always lending support , always willing to talk and help with any idea or problem . I am in a sorority house i have 50 girls , they are great individuals and they make it all.worth while ,, yes I love my job !!!

Cons: I don't have any cons of complaints

Advice to Management: Keep doing what you’re doing ! This company rocks !!!


We pride ourselves in hiring a team full of low-egos and great personalities, both of which shine through their genuine love of service. Culinary expertise is still important to our core values, but it doesn’t supersede the individual themselves. Once you’ve stalked our Glassdoor page, head over to our website to learn more about who we are and who we care for. Follow our chefs and their ridiculously cool food on our social media links @collegechefs. And click here to apply for a chef role at College Chefs!

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