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Danielle Gadus

Why You Need to Try Nootropics: 2019's Hottest Wellness Buzzword

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Noo-what?? Meet the new kid on the block… or on your Whole Foods isle at least: Nootropics.

These new “smart-drugs” as these nootropics are being termed, are said to:

  • increase cognitive function
  • enhance memory and mental performance
  • Reduce brain fog
  • Protect brain from chemical and physical assaults
  • Lower stress & boost creativity
  • Possess few or no side effects and be virtually non-toxic
  • Cure world peace

Alright, that last point was hyperbole, but this hefty list wonderful effects are turning “nootropics” in to the latest, greatest buzzword in the wellness world. Simply put, these chemical compounds have a positive impact on brain activity.

Photographer: Mutzii | Source: Unsplash

But what exactly are they?

One nootropic is so popular, you may be consuming it daily. Some of you rely on this before you dare to speak to another human being in the morning: caffeine. Other popular nootropics include Ginseng (known to reduce inflammation), omega 3’s (which fight depression and anxiety), and rhodiola (used to enhance energy and endurance).

The term Nootropic covers a wide range of herbs, drugs, nutrients and dietary supplements. In fact, well over 80 substances can actually be considered to be a Nootropic, including Adderall and psychedelics.

While none of these “smart-drugs” are new to human consumption, the term is being thrown around like a trendy catch phrase to sell powders, supplements, elixirs and everything in between.

Our bottom line?

Do your research first before consuming any substance labeled with the term to make sure that there isn’t the possibility of harming your health and always keep in mind moderation. (No, we’re not going to advocate for that 4th cup of joe.) However, some of the bottled elixirs on the market can be fun to try, providing enhanced focus or a blissful buzz.

Which nootropics do we actually use?

Read below to see our round up of beverages sure to chill you our or give you a cognitive boost.

Kin High Rhode

nootropic euphoric
IG @kineuphorics

For a blissful, social buzz. A trinity of balancing adaptogens, replenishing nootropics, and nourishing botanics make this a perfect pick me up.


nootropic drink
IG @drinkneuro

Clinically proven to reduce cortisol levels 30 minutes after drinking. Highlighting a nootropic also found in green tea and consistently backed by science: L-Theanine. We swear it will calm you the f- down.

Curious No. 1 Cocktails

nootropic elixer
IG @curiouselixirs

A great replacement for your afternoon pick me up. The active rodiola is sure to kick the 3:00 feeling that always creeps up on us.

Recess Peach Ginger

nootropic water
IG: takearecess

All natural ingredients and just 4 grams of sugar. The organic ginger is a great stomach soother. Nootropics AND adaptogens for a double wammy. Points for aesthetic as well.

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