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Gut Heath is Important! What Foods Promote a Healthy Gut?

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We all know that the gastrointestinal tract contains trillions of bacteria. It not only helps us to process the food but also balances physical and chemical conditions in our bodies. In most cases, our GI system is not given enough credit for its functions and our gut health is not taken care of as it should be. These bacteria, or the microorganisms found in the digestive tract, are also known as the gut microbiome. They are extremely beneficial for our health and well-being. While helping to regulate everything from our immune system to our central nervous system, they are key influencers of our health. In this article we, are going to help you better plan your diet and incorporate food items that will promote your gut health.

Gut Health Promoters


Live yogurt, filled with probiotics, consists of bacterias that are beneficial for your health. It contains probiotic cultures that help support a healthy gut microbiome, while preventing inflammation and many other severe intestinal problems. You can add fresh fruits, seeds, and granola to yogurt as an easy snack or breakfast idea.


Kefir is a yogurt supplement as well. It is a probiotic yogurt drink which is packed with good bacteria that your digestive tract needs. Made of fermenting milk, Kefir can be added to your smoothies, salad dressing, and even soups. It's a growingly popular item that consists of 10 live and active strains of bacteria which are essential for your gut health.

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Made of fermented soya beans along with barley or rice, Miso is another great gut-healthy food choice. It's high in protein, calcium, iron, and magnesium. It's a savory paste that is popularly used in the Japanese style of cooking as a marinade, dip and even dressing.


Already a pickle fan? Keep that up, because you are doing your gut a favor! Pickles contain Vitamin A and K, which can lead to improved blood and cell health. College Chefs understands the health benefits of smaller meal elements like pickles, and do our best to keep them in our kitchens regularly. Note that they are high in sodium, hence excessive consumption is not advised.


This fermented tea drink is filled with probiotics and antioxidants that help support your gut health. A unique sharp, vinegary taste stands out with this refreshing drink and gives your immune system the support it needs. There's a good chance your local grocery store is already stocked with Kombucha.

Parmesan cheese

Cheese! Yes, please! Parmesan cheese is a fermented cheese that contains lactic-acid bacteria which is a good food element for gut health. Sprinkle parmesan cheese on your favorite snack and enjoy a guilt-free munch.

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Sauerkraut is a finely chopped cabbage that is fermented well with lactic-acid bacteria. It is a food item that helps keep your digestive system in balance and boost your immune system. You can pair Sauerkraut with meat for a delicious and nutritious meal.

Wild Salmon

Salmon generally is a great choice of meal for gut health, but wild salmon has more benefits than that of a regular farmed one. They are a source of omega-3 fatty acids which is a powerful anti-inflammatory food item. Farmed salmon usually contains antibiotics in them and can cause resistance to antibiotics in your gut. Always choose wild caught salmon when available.


Sourdough is a bread that is made of fermented lactobacillus cultures, which is a bacteria that promotes gut health. From regulating your blood sugar levels to additional probiotic properties, Sourdough is more than just your regular bread. It is prepared with no sweetener and contains live yeast cultures for a slightly tangy flavor. Just like the other fermented food items we have mentioned above, Sourdough is a healthier bread choice to make.

Other food items that contain beneficial probiotic properties include almonds, bananas, brussel sprouts, peas, garlic, and ginger. College Chefs love playing with food and creating fusion food that is healthy. Our chefs are well aware of the probiotic properties contained in food items. Delicious, healthy food is the better choice to make. Maintaining a healthy gut is imperative for your overall health. Make appropriate changes to your food consumption and choices. Avoid food with antibiotics and disinfectants. We understand it’s a lifestyle change and not an easy one to make, hence the meals prepared by College Chefs will help you incorporate the necessary nutrients into your diet.

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