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Why do we exist?

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Prior to the beginning of College Chefs, fraternity and sorority food had always had a negative stigma to it. One often thinks of the institutional food that was prepped for the masses. The term “Freshman 15” was almost a right of passage for all incoming college students. Parents believed that they were sending their children on to get an education and learn a little about life. Additionally, how much they would miss the classic meals that had been provided for them at home. One of the luxuries students enjoyed about going home for breaks was getting away from the frozen, processed meals. They'd get the chance to dig in to some good home cooking for a few days.

In many chapter houses of the past, a freelance cook was somewhat common. Unfortunately, the thought and effort put into meals was minimal. Poor quality food was regularly an undeniable factor in an overall unhealthy lifestyle associated with living in a fraternity or sorority house. Well, things have changed….

The New Normal

Over the years, companies such as College Chefs have changed the game for premier chapters by providing classically trained chefs who cook fresh, from scratch food nationwide. The implementation of meal plan centered around a fresh weekly menu, written by a chef focused on incorporating the chapter’s feedback, has drastically changed the recruitment playing field of fraternities and sororities. Food is no longer an afterthought in the college student’s life. Health and fitness is a center point in the campus experience more-so than ever before.

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College Chefs works with dietary restrictions and consistently stays ahead of the curve on food trends like grass fed beef, hormone free chicken, non GMO options, etc. “College Chefs is always working to stay in tune with current health interests and to satisfy the food related expectations of students. These kids are going to school to become smarter; the quality of their food can greatly aid or hinder their progress. That’s why it’s so important to us to focus on fresh healthy ingredients,” Director of Operations, Jared Bost explains.

Millennials have embraced healthier lifestyles and most of the time that begins and ends with healthy, clean eating. These days, it’s almost impossible to deny the positive (or negative) effects one’s diet has on their overall well-being. Students understand that the effects goes beyond just weight loss into a field of diabetes, high blood pressure, life expectancy, etc. The customized menus tailor to the student’s needs and resemble a home cooked meal. The only difference? It’s prepared by a knowledgeable, professionally trained chef in the chapter house.

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